Our team at Madrona Dental Care cares about your health and satisfaction. Below are some examples of patients for whom Dr. Gray has provided treatment to address their needs and desires.



This patient was experiencing tooth wear due to an unhealthy bite. Dr. Gray diagnosed the cause of the tooth wear and corrected this by providing treatment utilizing crowns and veneers, tailored to her needs. She now has a healthy smile that will last!

“I’m so glad I had this dental work done. The care provided by Dr. Gray and Tiffany was exceptional. They were attentive and answered my questions, always providing me with the information I needed as we went through the process together. I felt I had my own personal care team! Kate and Karen went out of their way to help with the scheduling and financial details. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!” – WT



This patient wanted a whiter and more even smile. Dr. Gray provided treatment using veneers to create the smile of his dreams!

“Dr. Gray and Madrona Dental provided an easy, painless experience with fantastic results! Dr. Gray is a perfectionist and is so meticulous with the small details that you know the results are going to be phenomenal. He takes his time and does not rush the process in order to produce that perfect smile.” – MP



Despite his best efforts at home care and a history of dental treatment, this patient continued to have breakdown of his teeth. Dr. Gray diagnosed an underlying bite concern and restored the health of his mouth using crowns to protect his teeth and correct his bite. Now his teeth function well together!

“The procedures went smoothly, and I am very happy with the results of my restoration.” – CS




Medical concerns caused this patient’s extensive tooth challenges. After overcoming her medical challenges, Dr. Gray restored the health of her teeth using crowns to rebuild her teeth. Her smile has been restored as well!


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Dr. Gray and staff are beyond amazing!
I am so impressed by their professionalism, passion, and care.
– MD

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