At Madrona Dental Care, we provide patients with comprehensive care in preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services. Communication is at the center of our philosophy. Dr. Gray will thoroughly discuss your treatment options with you, allowing you to make a decision that is best for your personal needs.

Preventative Care

Our goal is to help you prevent dental concerns from developing or progressing. Having a healthy mouth benefits your whole body! Studies have shown that poor oral health can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. We will work with you to achieve and maintain optimal dental health to increase your overall wellness.

New Patient Exam

At your initial visit, you can expect the following:

  • Warm welcome from our team
  • Review of your medical and dental history
  • Oral bacterial screening
  • Photos taken for diagnosis and communication
  • Series of x-rays
  • Detailed examination by Dr. Gray
  • Thorough discussion of findings and recommended treatment
  • Summary of your personalized risk assessment 

Hygiene Services

Our hygiene services are focused on preventing dental disease and minimizing risk for future concerns.

Madrona Dental Care is proud to offer Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). We are the first office in Skagit County to become certified in providing this level of care. 

What is GBT?

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a unique method of cleaning biofilm (plaque and tarter) from the teeth and gums. This innovative treatment helps remove existing biofilm, reduces bacterial levels on teeth, and protects teeth against decay.  

Your hygienist will do the following during your Guided Biofilm Therapy visit:                         

  • Apply disclosing solution to your teeth to highlight biofilm
  • Educate you on areas of biofilm build-up
  • Remove biofilm using a gentle jet of warm water, air, and fine powder                                     
  • Discuss home care solutions to maximize your oral health

Our hygienists will customize your care based on your unique health concerns. Our goal is to help you achieve health and then to maintain it! 

    Restorative Dentistry

    With restorative dentistry, we provide you with reliable long-term solutions when disease, decay, or injury has impacted your oral health. Our objective is to repair and restore any dental issues and then help you maintain your improved oral health with ongoing preventative care.

    Dr. Gray puts a strong emphasis on continuing education in advanced dentistry. He is a regular attendee and graduate of the world-renowned Kois Center, which trains dentists in the highest levels of restorative dentistry. This ensures he stays at the forefront of dental and medical research, so that you receive the best treatment options and quality of care. His commitment and passion for expanding his knowledge and skills is reflected in the results his patients see. No matter how complex your case is, you can feel confident that you are in expert hands.

    Restorative Services include:

    • Fillings, crowns and bridges
    • Bite adjustments and corrections
    • Extractions
    • Full mouth rehabilitation
    • Implants and dentures

    Dr. Gray works closely with local specialists he trusts to manage your care. If necessary, he will refer you to those we trust with our own health care.

    Cosmetic Services

    Cosmetic dentistry is done to improve the appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic considerations and preferences are taken into account when you receive a restorative treatment from us. As Dr. Gray repairs your teeth, he maintains and/or creates beauty and balance in your smile.

    In other cases, patients who aren’t in need of restorative treatments strictly desire aesthetic improvements in order to feel more confident and happier about their smile. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, we can help you! As with any treatment in our office, communication is key. Dr. Gray works closely with you to understand your cosmetic vision so he can create natural-looking results that you will be happy to show the world.

    Cosmetic Services include:

    • Porcelain veneers or crowns to improve the shape and/or color of your teeth
    • Teeth whitening, with options for in-office whitening or at-home custom whitening trays
    • Orthodontics to straighten teeth (completed with a specialist, with close involvement by Dr. Gray)

    Implants and Dentures

    At times, it is required that a tooth or teeth be removed due to an inability to restore the tooth or teeth in a predictable manner. In this case, Dr. Gray works closely with our fantastic oral surgeon in Anacortes, Dr. Pardeep Brar, to restore teeth using implants or dentures.

    Dr. Gray specializes in full-mouth rehabilitation. He has extensive training from the Kois Center and is passionate about providing lasting results for his patients. He will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your understanding, comfort, and satisfaction along the way.

    Options include:

    • Implant-supported dentures
    • Removable dentures with fixed locator attachments
    • Conventional removable dentures and partials

    Contact us today to discover how we can help you on your path to lasting health!

    The best dental practice in the county.– LJ

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